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Question of the Day

Perusing the O-Live forum earlier, someone was asking for suggestion on signs they should make for the GameDay set. There were long lists, but this was by far the funniest one I saw:

"Chuck Norris wears Dennis Dixon pajamas"

Today's question is a three-parter, but its very simple:

  1. Are you going to the game on Saturday?
  2. Are you going to get there early to check out GameDay?
  3. You can answer this even if you're not going. What suggestions do you have for a great sign?

Personally, I am going to the game on Saturday (my awesome SRO tickets), I will be driving down on Friday night so that I can be there early enough to check out the GameDay set. But I want to observe it from a bit of a distance, I don't want to be in that mob behind the set. Hence, I won't be making a sign. But if I were, I know I'm not funny, so I'd just stick with something factual--"Our cheerleaders are hotter than yours."