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Humpday Links

First, if you haven't submitted your Week 5 Jersey contest picks, do so here.  Also, a few people have been forgetting to pick the fifth game (Army - Temple).  

In Moseley's most recent blog, there are some notes from Tuesday's press conference.  He shares a few of Bellotti's responses, including one on his thoughts of facing Tedford and whether the loser will go into a tailspin similar to the Ducks last season.  In a previous post, Moseley notes that Jamere Holland was at practice for the first time.  Holland is hurt, so it sounds like he is using the time to get to know his new teammates.  

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, a Cal blogger wonders why Cal fans seem less confident in their team than their opponents.  And, tired of reading about how the game will be a shootout?  Here's a blogger that thinks otherwise.

Heh.  On Saturday, Autzen will be the 8th largest city in Oregon, based on population.  The exepected 60,000 puts it ahead of Corvallis and Springfield.  

And, if you will be at the game, here's an article in the San Francisco Chronicle talking about the crowd's impact and Cal's lack of success at Oregon.  I am sure the crowd this weekend will have no problem making an impact.  There is also a mention that the Ducks are 4 1/2 point favorites.