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Question: Why are you a fan?

As we start to get a bit of a community built here at ATQ, I'd like to pose this question:  why are you an Oregon Duck fan?

I was in 6th grade in 1994, and my boy scout troop had to usher a couple of games at Autzen to earn money.  One of those games was the UO/UW game that year.  I was in house for "The Pick," even though I knew nothing about football and had no idea what was going on.  I did not grow up a sports fan, that happened more in middle school.

Needless to say, I found the excitement at Autzen to be quite amazing.  I became a casual fan.  I watched some games, certainly not all, and, interestingly enough, a lot more basketball games at first than football games (even though it was football that got me into the Ducks, I just liked basketball better as a sport).  With every passing year, I became a little bit more of a fan.

However, my family pretty much detested sports, and it wasn't until my freshman year of college that I would actually make my return to Autzen.  By this time (2001), I had been a pretty serious fan for a couple of year.  But it was in college that I really took it to the extreme as far as never missing a game for anything whatsoever, reading up on opponents ahead of time, etc.  Now, I write about the team every day.  I'm not sure that any more obsession is possible, at least not if I want to keep my job and my marriage (the wife is a Duck alum too, by the way.  I wouldn't settle for less).  Hell, we named our son Luke Aaron.

Anyway, long story short:  Grew up in Lane County+Alum+Sports Fan=completely obsessed.

Why are you a fan?  For many, it will be that you are alumni.  For some, you have no formal connection to the University.  I'm interested in hearing your stories.



Blazers Edge recently had this same question. My intent isn't to copy BE, but I enjoyed reading those, and wanted to see about my readers.