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Bellotti on the Hot Seat?

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According to (HT: Duck Sports News), Mike Bellotti is "on the edge of the hot seat."  Even in spite of the season opening win, Mike has already taken criticism for the way the defense played.  I've already had engeljd ask me what it would take for me to get on the "Spike Mike" bandwagon.

Given that Oregon has underperformed in four of their last five seasons, it'll be interesting to see what happens if they do so again this season.  The fan base has been very supportive of Bellotti, but you can start to see people losing patience.

Me?  I still think that Bellotti is one of the better coaches.  But he has two major drawbacks:  his penchant for two quarterback systems, and his unwavering support of Nick Aliotti as DC.  It seems like he has fixed the first.  If Oregon has another bad year defensively, it will be interesting to see what happens with the second.

Personally, I am proud that Oregon's head coaches in both football and basketball have been with our school a long time.  And both are the most successful coaches in school history.  I flirted with the "fire Ernie" bandwagon, and now regret doing so.  I am much more hesitant to jump on that bandwagon with Bellotti.  That said, if the defense doesn't improve dramatically, I'm on the verge of going nuclear on Aliotti.

So I pose this question to you:  is Bellotti on the hot seat?  And what would it take for you to get on the "Spike Mike" bandwagon?