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A few links you should read

The Daily Emerald has an article about the defensive line, and how they're approaching the Michigan game.  Says Cole Linehan:

They're not going to run the misdirection stuff so I'm happy we get to focus on a team like that.  You just got to wrap him up because he loves the second effort stuff - just try to get a lot of guys on him.

The fact that Michigan runs a far more orthodox running game than Houston is the biggest cause for hope this weekend.  You won't have all the linebackers going after the fullback fake while the QB pitches it outside.  But if they can't tackle better, it won't even matter.

They also talked to Kwame Agyeman about the noise at the Big House:

I've compared the two and Autzen is a lot louder.  I went to Michigan-Notre Dame which is a rivalry game, so it was as loud as I've heard it (but) it's not even close.

The Ducks don't really think that noise will be a factor.

The Register-Guard also has a similar article, which gives a stat that is cause for alarm:

The Michigan tailback enters the UO game with 791 consecutive touches without losing a fumble, while Alridge was quick to take the blame for the Cougars' loss because of his two costly fumbles.

Hart, who carries the ball in his left hand, has fumbled just three times in his entire career, twice in 2006 and once in 2004. One of last year's bobbles was recovered by a teammate, and the other one was knocked out of the end zone for a safety, so his only lost fumble came during his freshman campaign.

Turnovers, at least in the running game, aren't going to save our ass in this one.  They're just flat out going to have to tackle better.

Finally, if you haven't seen it yet, check out this spoof interview with Bellotti on The M Zone.  Funny Stuff.