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Nobody expected that.  Oregon's offense looked really, really good.  And, lets be honest, Michigan is really, really bad.  Throw out that we all had them ranked in our top five to begin the season.  We didn't know what the hell we are talking about.

But our Ducks just went in to Michigan Stadium and handed the Wolverines their worst loss since 1968.  They had the second most yardage ever given up by Michigan in 128 years of football.  A bolt of lightning ripped through the Big House and left nothing but destrucion in its wake.  That was Oregon's offense today.

I think most of us were expecting a shootout type game.  And early on, it looked like that was what we were going to get.  Michigan easily drove the ball into Oregon territory.  However, Matthew Harper intercepted the ball in the end zone.  Oregon then drove down for a field goal.  However, Michigan, as we expected, came back down the field for an easy seven.  I was very nervous at that point.

Nerves ended two plays later, when Dixon went over the top to Brian Paysinger for and 85 yard touchdown.  The rout was on.

Michigan got the ball into Oregon territory five times in the first half with only that touchdown to show for it.  Oregon either held or forced a turnover every time.

Oregon, meanwhile?

Two more long touchdown passes over the top.  A statue of liberty to Stewart for 14 yards.  And an absolutely gorgeous statue of liberty fake that Dixon took in for the touchdown.  Oregon rushed for 331 yards and passed for 293.  They did anything and everything they wanted to, and there was nothing Michigan could do about it.  And Dennis Dixon, with both his arm and legs, looked like the quarterback we all thought he would be.

The defense?  They gave up 144 rushing yards, and likely give up more if Michigan isn't in catch-up mode.  But the pass rush was intense, and Michigan quarterbacks spent as much time on their backs as they did in the pocket.  And the secondary was very good as well.

If not for two missed FGs, a fumble at the 2, and a 4th and goal from inches that wasn't converted, this game would have been 59-7.  Ouch.

And, according to Ricket's O-Live Blog, Bellotti said there were no injuries, so that must mean that Byrd and Thurmond are okay.  So good news.

I also want to take a minute and say something about Mike Hart.  That was the one guy for Michigan who didn't quit.  He could barely walk, and he refused to come out of the game.  That guy is an absolute warrior who doesn't deserve what's happening to the Wolverines right now.  He has my respect and admiration, and I hope that Michigan bounces back in the Big 10 and gives this guy something out of his senior season.  I'll be rooting for him in the NFL, that's for sure.

We'll have the analysis up tomorrow evening, but enjoy this one.  You don't get the chance to do this to a team like Michigan too often.