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Some Community Guidelines

We are starting to get a nice community going here.  We have had wonderful discourse over the past month or so.  We have a growing number of regular commenters, and I have immensely enjoyed reading what everybody has to say.  This blog has never been about me.  When I joined SBN, I wanted to help create a community where Duck fans could come together and root for our team.  I think we are starting to see that forming here, and its due to all of you wonderful people.  You guys have been great!

However, we have had a poster or two who has been going to other SBN blogs for the purpose of flaming and inciting the other teams' fans.  It is always okay to post on another team's blog.  But, remember, you do so as a guest, and you represent all of us while you are there.  Please act with class.  Just as you would not want somebody coming in here and trying to incite our community, please do not do so with others.

Its been awesome in here for the last month, everyone!  Lets keep the momentum going!