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Links (JStew Going Pro)

We haven't done one of these in awhile, but there is some big news that warrants it:

  • According to Duck Sports News, and as ntrebon mentioned in the diaries,Jonathan Stewart has decided to go pro.  As selfishly as we all wanted him back, this is really the best decision.  He'll be a first round pick, and that's a lot of money to give up, especially when you talk about injury risk, etc.  Thanks for the memories, JStew, you'll always be one of our favorites.  We wish you the best of success at the next level.
  • I'm a big Dave Frohnmayer fan, as far as the decisions that he's made as president of the U of O.  That said, I can't believe he continues to lobby for the BCS over a playoff (as UO may be the school that has been most screwed over by the current system).  The link for this has apparently rotted.