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Wednesday AM Links

Well, there's a few things of interest out there this morning.  First, Moseley posted the final part of the Geoff Schwartz report from the Shrine Game preparations.  Schwartz discusses hitting for the first time in practice and also the disrespect that the Pac-10 gets outside of the conference.  Definitely worth a read.

And, in the daily changing Pryor watch, Duck Sports News has posted an entry claiming that Pryor will visit Oregon February 2-3.  Jared posted this link in the Pryor diary, and notes that this has not yet been widely reported.  As with all Pryor news, don't hold your breath.  

Today's Register-Guard has a story up about the Chung situation.  We'll know his decision by Friday, as that is the deadline for withdrawing his name from the draft.  

Clark blogs about yesterday's practice and notes that Drew Viney returned to practice.  Clark suggests that Viney might not return to game action until February.  And, although he only played seven minutes in the opening game, he is most likely not a possible medical redshirt because one of the requirements is that the injury makes it impossible for the player to return.  Clark also reports that early February is an optimistic return date for Catron, as well.  

In baseball news, the ODE has an article about the team possibly losing some of its recruits to this year's draft.  In particular, JC pitchers Justin LaTempa and Zack Thornton could be drafted early and are at risk.  Horton states that while he was aware of the possibility when he recruited them, he though there was a chance (however remote) they could enroll for a year.  Considering we're starting from scratch, I am fine with taking a few risks.  We currently have 22 recruits and need 35 to fill the roster.  

As for a stadium site, today's Register-Guard reports that the University has set up a pre-development meeting with the city for the Autzen site.  Officially, the University is saying that no decision has yet been made and that they are still in an exploratory mode.  

Update [2008-1-16 14:50:5 by jtlight]: According to ESPN, Chung will officially enter the draft, and apparently they talked to Chung this morning. It's sad that Chung will be leaving, but this is most likely the best decision for him, and I know we all wish him the best.

Update [2008-1-17 08:00:5 by jtlight]: Well, I didn't want to create a whole new post for this, but wanted it on the front page. As first brought to my attention by wustl duck, according to his brother, Patrick Chung will be staying for his senior season. Will this actually happen? We'll know for sure tomorrow, when the deadline passes, but this bodes very, very well for our defense next year.

Update [2008-1-17 10:10:5 by ntrebon]: Apparently, Chung told KEZI that he will be returning to Oregon. Great news for Oregon.