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Ducks vs. UCLA Open Thread

Ok guys, here we go.  The Ducks host #7 UCLA at Mac Court tonight at 7.30 PM PT.  This is a big game for several reasons.  First, a win against UCLA will look good on our NCAA resume.  Second, it'd serve as a nice rebound from the disaster that was the Washington trip.  And third, it will potentially be the only time that Kevin Love will play in Eugene.  

On the whole Love situation, I am not really sure how I would react if I was there in person.  I never thought there was a chance that Love would end up at Oregon, given the alleged relationship between Kent and Stan Love.  So I don't really have any feelings of being spurned.  At the same time, you know that the Pit Crew is not going to implement Bob Rickert's suggestion.  And, with EA Sports being at the game, you can expect the Pit Crew to be at their best (worst?).

Anyways, feel free to post your predictions to tonight's matchup.  And, if you not one of the lucky ones who will be in attendance, any in-game posts can go here as well.

Go Ducks!

Update (by ntrebon): For Dave's thoughts (which are much more elaborated on than mine, please see the preceding post.