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Thoughts regarding Kevin Love's return to Oregon

I know, I'm on a break from the blog, but I read this terrible article today that made me want to comment on Kevin Love's return to Oregon.

I hold no disdain for Kevin Love.  I have never met him personally and, although I have heard that he is somewhat pompous, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  He was under no obligation to come to Oregon, and, to me, the fact that he was an in state player makes it no different than losing any other recruit.  Is he a good player?  You bet.  Would it be nice if he were here?  Absolutely.  But do I spend any time 'yearning' for him, as the LA Times columnist suggests?  Absolutely not.  Once it became clear that he wasn't coming here, I just ceased to care.  I don't hate the guy because he didn't come here, and don't lament that he didn't come here.  You'll get some recruits, and you'll lose some recruits.  To me, this was no different than Marshawn Lynch wanting to go to Cal instead of Oregon.  You just move on to the next recruit.

However, I do have a problem with the way that the Love family handled the situation.  I know that some idiot Oregon fans got on the Love's, but there is no need to rip a program that you didn't commit to.  Simply say "my son chose the program that he thought was the best fit for him" and move on.  Nobody needs any other explanation.  And some of the complaints in particular really get me laughing:

Stan Love tells a story of how UCLA Coach Ben Howland and North Carolina Coach Roy Williams helped Kevin carry workout equipment into and out of a practice gym while Oregon Coach Ernie Kent "kept one eye on his BlackBerry and never lifted a finger."

I know that college recruiting is a world of "what are ya gonna give me, coach," but it is telling that they expected a 50+ year old guy to carry a high school kid's workout equipment.  You're 18.  Carry your own damn equipment.  I realize that this isn't exclusive to the Love family, and that most big time recruits feel a sense of entitlement, but come on.  Carry your own jock strap.

However, what really bothers me is this sentiment of the Love's:  

The biggest thing is, the fans thought Kevin could be the savior. And they are still in denial because they blame Stan for having animosity toward the Oregon staff," Cherry said.

Why do the Love's and their friends continue to belive that Oregon expected, or needed, a savior.  Oregon has won a Pac-10 championship, two tourney titles, has been to two elite eights, and has has four first round NBA draft picks this decade.  OSU is the kind of program that needs a savior.  Oregon is already a good program.  You play here, and you are just one in a line of talented players.  Oregon may not be UCLA, but it is much closer to that end of the spectrum than it is to OSU.

Bottom line, I don't really care that Kevin went to UCLA.  And I wish him the best both there and in the NBA.  But the animosity that I hold over this situation stems directly from the pompous attitudes of the Love family.  Just because you don't feel like the coaching staff jumped through enough hoops for you doesn't mean you need to get into a public war with the program.  Just make your choice and move on.  I'm sure Kevin will get an ear full at Mac Court tonight.  But the vast majority of that anger will in reality be directed at his old man.  Send your son wherever you want.  Just stay classy about it.

Because if the Pit Crew crosses any lines tonight, you can't say you didn't have it coming.