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Our Basketball Team is Really, Really Bad

So, we lost the Pac-10 opener to Arizona State.  I wasn't able to see or listen to the game (not on TV, and Duck basketball radio broadcasts are unlistenable), so you write the recap.  I just can't fathom how a team with Bryce Taylor, Malik Hairston, Maarty Leunen, and Tajuan Porter is so bad.  All that talent is being wasted.  I'm tired of this team not being ready to play at the beginning of games.  I'm tired of them not buckling down on the defensive end.  Its one thing to play hard and lose--no shame in that.  But, although I didn't see this game, this team was dogging it in the Nebraska and Oakland games.  And until they decide that they really want to play basketball, they are going to lose a lot more games.

Thank God that you can win the conference tournament and still go to the NCAAs.  At this point, that may be our only chance.  I mean, this is a conference game against Arizona State.  You don't get that back.  Are they going to fight and turn it around?  They have all the talent they need, but they need to get over the mental humps that are plaguing this team right now.



PS: How in the hell did we beat Kansas State? Does that game not seem like years ago now?