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Concurso de Jersey: Semana 7--Blogger Picks

Woodburn won their second game of the season--an accomplishment that hasn't happened here since before anyone can remember. Sure, it was Roosevelt and Parkrose--but when you hadn't won a game in four years, just pulling yourself up out of the cellar is a big step.

Oh, wait. We're talking college football? Here are the picks (and no explanations from Nick again this week. Brad??)

Texas v. Oklahoma @Dallas

Dave: Texas

I'm going to break the cardinal rule of how to win a pick 'em contest here. Rationality tells me that while Oklahoma always blows a game, its more likely to be an also ran like Nebraska or Kansas State than a big game like Texas. But, dammit, I hate Oklahoma so much, that I won't pick them here. Onside kick, bithces (Oh, and the Blazers will kill your pilfered NBA team, too. I don't give that more than disaster more than a decade or so).

Jared: Oklahoma

This should be a very good game. Both teams have been dominant, though Oklahoma has beaten decent teams in Cincinnati and TCU. In the end though, Oklahoma has the best offensive line in the nation. I don't see Texas being able to get a consistent rush on Bradford, who should have plenty of time to find the open receivers.

Nick: Oklahoma

Michigan State at Northwestern

Dave: Northwestern

This reeks of a trap game to me. After Northwestern, MSU finished the season with tOSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue, Penn State. MSU is a young team that's not used to winning--just the kind of team that falls into this kind of a trap. Northwestern has had a very good rushing defense this year, and if they can slow down Javon Ringer (who may be the best back you've never heard of), and force the Spartans to throw a bit, the Wildcats should pull out the win at home.

Jared: Michigan State

As much as I like seeing Northwestern win, they have not beaten anyone even remotely good. Michigan State has at least beaten Notre Dame. Michigan State has a strong offense, that should be able to move the ball most of the day.

Nick: Northwestern

LSU at Florida

Dave: Florida

Florida will be itching to prove that the Ole Miss loss was a fluke by pounding LSU. Since the Tigers gave up 20 to an Auburn team that scores about as Washington State, I've got to go with the Gators.

Jared: Florida

Neither of these teams have done anything incredibly impressive. Florida's best win is either Tennessee or Miami, which isn't saying much. LSU beat Auburn, but allowed the putrid offense to score 20 points. This should be a good test for both teams, but at home, Florida pulls it out.

Nick: Florida

Penn State at Wisconsin

Dave: Wisconsin

I'm going to keep picking the Badgers until they win one. We all know the real reason that they lost last week: it was all the band's fault for getting themselves suspended. If they're back this week, Badgers win.

Jared: Penn State

At this point, Wisconsin is overrated. They lost to Ohio State (at home), and blew a game to Michigan. Penn State is very talented and has been on a roll. Even on the road, this should continue.

Nick: Penn State

Arizona at Stanford

Dave: Arizona

@#$%. Or, in other words, fuck. Why do I put myself in these situations?

Jared: Arizona

All aboard the Mike Stoops bandwagon! Come on everyone! Cheer for Arizona! Just think, more years with Mike Stoops. It's beautiful, no?

Nick: Arizona

Lets see if there's any truth to the black jersey rumor tomorrow.