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Week 7 Pac-10 Power Poll and Blogpoll Ballout

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Today wasn't the most interesting week in the Pac-10.

ASU has careened to a 2-4 season, after so many expectations. Though I expected 3 losses at this point, the UNLV loss is telling, and the shutout at USC was ugly as hell.

I know many of you must have been just shocked at the Arizona loss. Oh wait, Mike Stoops was coaching? Nevermind.

Oregon had another game, pulled out a win, and simply created more questions, while OSU beat a very bad team, turned the ball over a lot, and still scored 60+.

Anyway, here are the rankings. Oregon's schedule gets tough now, so after a much needed Bye week, we'll see what this team is made of.

  1. USC
  2. Cal
  3. OSU
  4. Oregon
  5. Stanford
  6. Arizona
  7. ASU
  8. UCLA
  9. Washington
  10. Washington State

In the general college football landscape, it was a great week. Texas-Oklahoma was a very well fought game, with a surprising Texas win. Missouri was upset by a very interesting Oklahoma State team. Florida and Penn State destroyed their opponents in their games.

I try to make sense of all this in the ballot, which is after the jump. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 4
2 Alabama 1
3 Penn State 1
4 Oklahoma State 17
5 Oklahoma 3
6 Florida 3
7 Southern Cal --
8 Georgia --
9 Missouri 6
10 Ohio State 5
11 Utah 1
12 Boise State --
13 Texas Tech 1
14 Brigham Young 3
15 LSU 9
16 California --
17 Virginia Tech --
18 South Florida --
19 Kansas --
20 Michigan State --
21 Wake Forest 1
22 Pittsburgh 1
23 Vanderbilt 10
24 North Carolina 2
25 Ball State --


Dropped Out: Northwestern (#24).