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Jersey Contest: Week 8

Wow, its just now really feeling like football season to me.  Again, I think its the weirdness of this season.  But, after the USC and UCLA games, I think I finally have a feel for this team:  mediocre.  Yes, mediocre.  We aren't really good, and aren't really bad.  And I still think we'll finish 8-4.  However, while I picked 8-4 to begin the season, I can't help but be disappointed in that.  Maybe its because the Pac-10 is down this year, maybe its because I expected more from the secondary.  I don't know.  We still have a chance to go on one of those special runs, I just don't see where it comes from at this point.

Oh well, onto the picks:

Missouri at Texas

Ohio State at Michigan State

California at Arizona

Kansas State at Colorado

Miami (FL) at Duke (yes, seriously)

Not a great weekend, and a bye week to boot.