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Jersey Contest: Week 8 -- Blogger Picks

Jared has already made fun of me this week, so that must mean it's time for the blogger picks! When the contest ends and I am atop the scoreboard, I want everyone to remember that this is the week that things changed. Or, maybe not. On to the picks.

Missouri at Texas

Dave: Texas
Missouri has no defense. Texas has a very good one. That's enough for me.

Jared: Texas
Texas' defense is better than you think. While they gave up 35 to Oklahoma, they shut down the running game, which one the game in the end. They will do the same against Missouri, and Chase Daniel will have to try to win the game. Missouri has not won a game in the last 2 years against a top flight defense, and they won't this week either.

Nick: Missouri
Which QB do you trust more? Daniel is coming off a terrible performance in a loss against Oklahoma State while McCoy led his team to a huge victory over Oklahoma. However, while McCoy has put up some gaudy numbers this season, it has been against a soft schedule up until last week. I look for Daniel and the Tigers to bounce back this week after being upset by Oklahoma State last week.

Ohio State at Michigan State

Dave: Ohio State
Don't look at records. These are two football teams that really aren't very good. But it comes down to athletes. And I'm just not sure that Michigan State has the athletes to hang with tOSU.

Jared: Ohio State
Ohio State may not be very good, but I don't think MSU is any better. While Ohio State's offense has been pretty bad, Michigan State has had trouble with any type of spread offense. They have up a TON of yards and points to Indiana. They have also struggled to put points on the board at times. Ohio State has been doing enough to win, on both sides of the ball, and I feel they will this week also.

Nick: Michigan State
First, my condolences to Dazzle who is a diehard Buckeyes fan and will be at this game. I was going to pick tOSU in this game. Then, it hit me -- tOSU is not that good of a football team. The Buckeyes have the 10th worst pass offense in the country and the 10th best total offense in their conference. Furthermore, Pryor has playing like most true freshman: inconsistent. While the Spartan defense has not been overwhelming, I like it more than the tOSU's offense (which managed barely over 200 yards and no TDs against Purdue last week). All this adds up to a Spartan upset.

California at Arizona

Dave: California
I'm not picking Mike Stoops again. Not happening. Oh, and they're finally playing a real team. Mike Stoops against a team with a pulse equals gore and carnage (how have we lost to that clown two years in a row? Damn you knee ligaments).

Jared: California
This could be the type of game that Arizona pulls out, but Cal should be able to run the ball all over Arizona, keeping their offense off the field.

Nick: California
While Arizona boasts the conference's stingiest pass defense (ypg), they rank sixth in terms of run defense (ypg). As long as Best plays effectively after returning from a dislocated shoulder, the Cal running game should have a big day. The matchup for Arizona's passing offense appears to match up well with Cal's pass defense, but Cal's defense has been opportunistic, as it leads the conference with 10 interceptions. I like Cal to win on the road coming off a bye.

Kansas State at Colorado

Dave: Colorado
Very even game, so I'll pick the home team.

Jared: Colorado
Sagarin has these two teams at 56 and 57 in his ratings. Both of them are not very good, though I think Colorado has been more consistent, and a better team overall. At home, they win it.

Nick: Colorado
Bah. I don't know much about either team, but Colorado's resume looks better at this point, with a top-25 win and two top-25 losses. I'll give them the nod at home.

Miami (FL) at Duke

Dave: Miami
Duke is Duke is Duke. It rhymes with my son's name, Luke. But that's where the coolness stops.

Jared: Miami
I thought about picking Duke here, for about 2 seconds. Then I realized, they're Duke.

Nick: Miami
Woohoo! Another fantastic ACC game. Thanks Dave!