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The Big Announcement

I promsied you all a big announcement, right?

Here we are, just a bit over two years into building the great community here at ATQ. Over that time, I've written 747 posts. This is front page post 748 for me. It will also be my last.

Over the weekend, I submitted my resignation to SBN. This was not a decision that I made lightly. I actually nearly left ATQ in August, but was talked out of it. Howver, it has become clear to me since then that leaving at that point would have been the right decison. You know it, too. Quite honestly, the quality and quantity of my content has been sorely lacking this year. When we built this thing into the best Pac-10 blog on the internet, the place was abound with in-depth previews, analysis, and game reviews. This year, its been all I can do to get the jersey contest stuff out on time. There has been no mention of Willingham's firing, Lute Olson's retirement, and a myriad of other issues that are certainly blogworthy, but that I haven't put up. Lately, I've found myself making a lot of excuses not to blog. And when you start making those excuses, its time to hang up the keyboard. Its is sad, because this place has been a big part of my life for the last two years. But, if I'm not committed, I shouldn't be dong this.

This does not mean that ATQ is going away. On the contrary, I am confident that ATQ will be stronger than ever. Jtlight will take over day to day operations, and Nick and Jeremy will be staying on as well, and there will likely be other additions beyond that. This also does not mean that I am abandoning ATQ. I'll always be around as a member of this community. However, I look forward to being on a barstool like all of you, no longer serving the beer. And when the time comes where a rant needs to happen, I know how to use the fanpost button, too. I will change my moniker. Now that I'm no longer an official ATQ poster, I think that it needs to be retired. But I'll let you know the new one as soon as I decide.

I want to thank all of you for making this a wonderful experience for the last two years. This is the best watercooler for Ducks talk on the Internet, and I'll always have pride in the role that I've played in that. I look forward to being part of the ATQ community for many years to come.