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Jersey Contest: Blogger Picks

Hey, I'm nowhere near the cellar right now.  Better start rectifying that.  On a quick note, Nick couldn't compete with Jared and I, so he fled to a bunker in Japan this week.  Time constraints demand that he only offer picks, no rationale.

Kentucky at Alabama

Dave:  Kentucky

I know I'm going way against the mold here, and am likely to pay for it dearly.  But Alabama is a super young team--just the kind of team that will blow a game when they start to buy into their hype.  Plus, I just can't pick Nick Saban twice in a row.

Jared:  Alabama

We know very little about Kentucky, while Alabama has been the most impressive (and surprising) team in the nation. Alabama shouhld win this one fairly easily, dominating the trenches in a rout.

Nick:  Alabama

Arizona State at California

Dave:  Cal

Most people are having pleasant thoughts while lying on their backs.  Rudy Carpenter thinks "Dear God, I've just been sacked again.  Arizona State's lack of an offensive line will hurt them big.

Jared:  Cal

I have zero faith in the lines of ASU. I think Cal can dominate both lines, and thus, the game. If ASU can't establish a run, and there is little reason to think they will, they will have problems all game long.

Nick:  Arizona State

Florida State at Miami

Dave:  Flordia State

Now, that's what I'm talking about! You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked! You don't come into the OB playing that stuff  Oh, wait, the Canes don't play in the OB anymore?  Yeah, they aren't any good anymore, either.

Jared:  After a tough loss to Wake, Florida State played a good game against an above average Colorado team. Miami has not been too inspiring, and their home field advantage is kind of a joke.

Nick:  Miami

Auburn at Vanderbilt

Dave:  Auburn

Dammit, its still Vanderbilt.  And, until I have reason to believe otherwise.....

Jared:  Auburn

Vandy has been outgained in 3 of it's games (including against Rice), but have gotten very fortunate. While's Auburn's offense is fairly atrocious, they should shut down Vandy pretty well, enough to pull out a victory.

Nick:  Auburn

Ohio State at Wisconsin

Dave:  Wisconsin

It is unfathomable to me how the Badgers lost to a putrid Michigan team last week.  But Ohio State not a great team this year.  I think Wisconsin can control the game on the ground and not give OSU's mediocre offense enough chances.  Badgers take this one.

Jared:  Ohio State

Beanie Wells and Terelle Pryor make for a lethal running combination, and play to the strengths of the offensive line. While the Ohio State defense hasn't been all that impressive, they should be able to contain Wisconsin enough to come out with the victory.

Nick:  Wisconsin

There you have it.  Let's see what happens.


--Dave (