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Fire Aliotti.

I've put up with too much of this crap for far too long. 

We've had good defenses in '00, '01, '05, and '07.  However, '02, '03, '04, and '06 were atrocious.  '08 is quickly joining the ranks of the latter four seasons.  Aliotti's scheme puts his secondary in a position to fail, and only with amazing talent has our defense been any good.  And this year we have the talent, so what's the excuse.

Aliotti has a 50% success rate in creating a good defense in this tenure with the Ducks.  50% is an F.  It doesn't cut the mustard.

I tired of watching the defense flail around against play action like they've never seen it before.  I have too many bad memories of 3rd and long being a guaranteed first down.

We cannot get where we want to be as a program with the current defensive scheme.  Aliotti has shown a fundamental unwillingness to change the scheme to make it work for the personnel.

If you're not working to solve the problem, then you ARE the problem.

In sports as in politics, its time for a change.