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ATQ Pac-10 Power Poll and BlogPoll update

Well, USC re-asserted its conference dominance, and Cal took a step forward with a good win against an ASU struggling to get on the right foot. This most likely won't be happening anytime soon, as they have USC this next week, followed by a BYE then Oregon at home and OSU on the road. None of those games will be gimmes, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose 4 conferences games in a row.

I've dropped Oregon 2 spots to #5. The defensive showing was simply horrendous, and until they can pick it up against a decent team, who knows what will be seen.

  1. USC: If they play like they did in the last 2 1/2 quarters against Oregon, I don't think any Pac-10 team will come close to touching them.
  2. Cal: At this point, the clear #2. If they can survive their bout of injuries, they should be quite strong the rest of the season.
  3. Arizona: I'm not excited about this team. They haven't beaten anyone of substance. But at least they didn't collapse after the debacle at New Mexico.
  4. OSU: A tough loss at Utah drops them. There is no way this team should be below .500.
  5. Oregon: Ugh. What a pathetic showing from the defense. They have the talent to turn it around, but it'll be a question of hard work and desire.
  6. ASU: Their line play is not good, and now Carpenter is questionable. Yikes.
  7. Stanford: Unfortunately, they couldn't pull a win off against Notre Dame, but
  8. UCLA: The defense isn't too bad, but scoring only 28 points against WSU will not get it done against the top half of the conference.
  9. Washington: They have to fire Willingham soon, right?
  10. Washington State: They allowed 28 points to UCLA. That might be the worst thing they've done all season.

In BlogPoll news, you may have noticed a nice little CBS logo at the top of the poll. This is because CBSSports and the BlogPoll have joined forces, to give it some more publicity. Brian, the founder of the BlogPoll, has more info. Thanks to Brian for all his hard work on this, and helping to create the best college football poll around.