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Aliotti throws players under the bus

This is a few days old, but:

You know, I watched that game four times. Because you check your own hole card first. There’s always some things that you can do better, do a little bit different. We’ve got to get our eyes trained a little bit better. I don’t want to put it all on the kids, but we’ve got to get our eyes trained a little bit better. We’re looking at the backs in the backfield at times when we should be looking at our keys, and then we’re getting fooled. We’ll correct that. We’ve got a good group of kids. They’ll work to get it right, and we’ll work with them to get it right. We’re going to probably have to simplify some things a little bit more. And SC’s a good football team. They’re a good football team. There were times that I don’t have an answer for a guy running a comeback on Walter Thurmond, and he’s on him, and the guy comes back and makes the catch, or they run by us, things like that. But no excuses. Unfortunately it was a bad loss. Whether you loss 24-23 or 44-10, whatever it was, it’s still a loss. But it was a bad loss. We could play a lot better. We will play a lot better. I trust that these kids will rally back. If we work hard and rally back and guys practice and we read our keys and do the things that we all know we can do, we can be 5-2 and 3-1 in the league, and get a little rest and start the second half of the season. I think it’s a key game. I think it’s key that we play well, and then get a chance to get healthy a little bit. But first we’ve got to get through and play.

I don't want to put it all on the kids, but I'm going to put it all on the kids.

The truth of the matter is that you run your corners in single coverage with the safeties playing up.  That means that they can't try to make a play on the ball because if they get beat, its going for six.  All they can do is let them catch it, wrap, and tackle.  Meanwhile, you're so overplaying the run that any type of play action completely fakes everyone out.

The players are playing your scheme.  Your scheme just sucks.  It seems that you would have discovered this in the myriad of years that our passing defense has royally sucked this decade.

God, please quit.  Soon.