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Jersey Contest: Week 12 -- Blogger Picks

If you have not yet made your picks, you can do so here. The deadline is 11.59 pm PT tonight.


Boston College at Florida State

Jared: Florida State

Ugh. Who cares. Every ACC game is a toss-up. But Phil Steele has FSU, and they are giving 6.5 points, and higher in Sagarin.

Nick: Florida State

Boston College is not a very good football team.  The spread is currently at 6.5, and I'd gladly give the points.  As long as Florida State protects the ball, they should have more than enough offensive firepower.

California at Oregon State

Jared: California

Stupid ABC regional.  I just have a feeling that they will be up for stopping the Rodgers brothers. They have the speed on the defensive side of the ball to do it, with their depth and talent at linebacker. Also, they should be able to put enough points on the board to come out of Corvallis with a victory.

Nick: Oregon State

This was a tough one for me.  If the game were at Berkeley, I might have gone in the opposite direction.  However, the Beavers are at home with a Pac-10 title on the line.  And, a Beaver win this week will make an Oregon civil war win even sweeter. 

BYU at Air Force

Jared: BYU

I'm not sold on BYU, but it's not like Air Force has done anything either.

Nick: BYU

I picked this game because I thought some of you might like it as an upset special.  Apparently not.


North Carolina at Maryland

Jared: North Carolina

Maryland may be one of the most up and down teams in the nation this year. North Carolina has been solid, winning some close fought games throughout the year. I think they'll pull out another.

Nick: North Carolina

I found myself staring at this game wondering who in the hell picked two ACC matchups.  Oh.  Right.  I won't let it happen again.


Notre Dame at Navy

Jared: Notre Dame

I want Navy to win. It would be AMAZING to see good ol' Charlie Weis lose 2 games in a row to Navy. But I don't think that'll happen.

Nick: Notre Dame

Notre Dame is coming off of a dreadful shutout loss to BC.  Rumors are also starting to creep in that Weis may be on the hot seat.  You know what would make that seat hotter?  Back-to-back losses to Navy.