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Site Update

If you hadn't noticed, ATQ has added two new writers to the team. Please welcome PaulSF and dvieira. While Paul hasn't been around much, most of you should be familiar with dvieira, as he has been a frequent commenter around here for some time.

Both will be helping out, especially with basketball, as living in Chicago, Nick and I don't get to see as many games as we would like.

So, welcome aboard guys, and we look forward to hearing your opinion on everything Duck related!


[UPDATE] Also, Seattle Quacker's screen name was changed to JConant. Just what was needed around here, another "J" name.

[2nd UPDATE] It's not even Civil War week yet, and there have been 2 fanposts that have been of the "BEAVERS SUCK" variety. I really don't want to see this continue over the next two weeks. The Beavers have a good football team, and we should give them their credit. We all want to beat them and end their Rose Bowl dream. Acting like some of the morons that inhabit the internet reflects poorly on this site, and posts deemed as such will be deleted rather quickly. And as stated before, trolling of Building the Dam will not be tolerated either.