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Jersey Contest: Week 13 -- Blogger Picks

If you have not yet made your picks, you can do so here. The deadline is 11.59 pm PT tonight


Texas Tech at Oklahoma

Jared: Texas Tech

A lot of people are jumping on the Oklahoma bandwagon. But, I'm not sold on the Oklahoma defense. They gave up 48 to Texas, not being able to stop the run, they have given up a lot of points to bad Big 12 teams, and I think that Texas Tech will do just enough to score more points.

Nick: Oklahoma

As much as I'd love to see Tech in the title game, I think they'll run into some problems playing in Norman.  The Red Raiders will be able to move the ball, but as long as the Sooners can force a couple of turnovers, they should come away with a win.


BYU at Utah

Jared: Utah

I'm not sold on either team. BYU could break out and score a ton of points, but they could also fall apart. At home, I think the Utah defense gets the job done, while the offense controls the ball.

Nick: Utah

I'd like to pick the BYU upset here, but I just don't think I can.  Utah will be playing at home and featuring a defense that has been performing well of late.  They also should have an advantage running the ball.  Look for the Utes to run their record to 12-0.


Oregon State at Arizona

Jared: Oregon State

I'm done questioning the Beavers. The Rodgers brothers are crazy good. James is one of the fastest players I've seen, while Jacquizz is a bull. They will control the ball much better than Oregon, and their pass rush should be able to disrupt Tuitama enough to force a few errors.

Nick:  Oregon State

I am looking forward to the Ducks going into Corvallis and crushing their Rose Bowl dreams.  For that to happen, the Beavers need a win on the road this weekend.


Pittsburgh at Cincinatti

Jared: Cincinatti

This Pitt team is up and down and poorly coached. Cincinnati has won some big games on the road, and their losses look much better. At home, I think they win it.

Nick: Cincinatti

On Monday, this game seemed like a much better idea.  Now, I find that I don't really care.


Washington at Washington State

Jared: Washington State

This game is so much of a toss-up, that I have no idea. This could be the worst played game that has ever been nationally televised. I will be rooting for WSU, and hoping for that big 0-12.

Nick: Washington State

I don't understand wty people aren't more excited about this game.  I have honestly been awaiting this game for weeks. It's the bizarro Texas Tech - Oklahoma matchup.  That said, I was all set to pick UW -- they've played a few teams much closer than Wazzu.  Then, I saw that that Wazzu is currently favored by a TD or more.  This spread is the absolute opposite of what I would have predicted -- which makes me wonder what I don't know.  I'll pin my hopes on the "experts".