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ATQ Week 13 CFB Ballots

Civil War Week, with the biggest Civil War game we've seen since 2000. OSU is playing for the Rose Bowl. Oregon is playing for the Holiday. Both are in the top 20 in all major polls. The Pac-10 Power Poll had a little change at the bottom of the poll. I'm jumping ASU, because I think that they could end up 6-6, while Stanford and UCLA will not. Also, again, many thanks to Wazzu. 0-12 is a beautiful, wonderful thing.

  1. USC
  2. OSU
  3. Oregon
  4. Arizona
  5. California
  6. ASU
  7. Stanford
  8. UCLA
  9. Washington State
  10. Washington

For the Pac-10 Heisman, no change again this week. Jacquizz stays on top. If he'd have played, the Arizona game would not have been as close. He's about twice the back McCants is, and if he doesn't play this weekend, Oregon's chances of winning increase an incredible amount.

  1. Jacquizz Rodgers
  2. Mark Sanchez
  3. Nick Reed

As for the Blogpoll, I feel a little justified after getting the Coulter/Kos award last week, and watching just about every team that we ahead of Oregon in other polls lose. And I'll say this, the ACC totally and completely blows. Every team has at least 3 conference losses. That is not an example of a strong conference. It is a sign of a putrid conference. I also still do not have the non-BCS schools very high. They are good teams, but they are far from elite, and I believe their schedules show that they would have a lot of trouble with a BCS level schedule, over the entire season. While Utah can beat OSU or BSU can beat Oregon on one weekend, I would like to see them beat those quality teams over an entire season, rather than just once or twice.

The full ballot is after the jump. As always, leave your comments and thoughts on the ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Florida 2
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Texas 1
5 Southern Cal 1
6 Penn State 1
7 Texas Tech 6
8 Oklahoma State --
9 Missouri --
10 Ohio State --
11 Georgia --
12 Oregon State 3
13 Utah --
14 Boise State --
15 Cincinnati 1
16 Michigan State 4
17 TCU --
18 Oregon --
19 Georgia Tech 7
20 Ball State 2
21 West Virginia 5
22 Florida State 4
23 Northwestern 3
24 Boston College 2
25 Mississippi 1


Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#19), Maryland (#20), Brigham Young (#21), Miami (Florida) (#23), LSU (#24), North Carolina (#25).