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Jersey Contest: Week 14 -- Blogger Picks

I hope everyone had a great (and safe) Thanksgiving. Here are the blogger picks for this week.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Jared: Oklahoma

I really want to pick Okie St, but I can't. They won't be able to handle Oklahoma's offense, and the Sooners are out there for blood. If they win this convincingly, on the road, there is a great chance they'll go to the Big 12 title game. I think they win big.

Nick: Oklahoma

Despite the fact that OSU is coming off a bye week, Oklahoma looked too good last week when they destroyed Texas Tech for me to think about picking against them.


South Carolina at Clemson

Jared: Clemson

This game is miserable. I don't know what to make of either team. I'm going with Clemson, at home.

Nick: South Carolina

I'll go with the team who owns a 4-4 SEC conference record over a 4-4 ACC conference record.  Also, while South Carolina is coming off of a blowout loss to Florida, their other three losses have all been relatively close (7 points). 


Maryland at Boston College

Jared: Boston College

Boston College has one of the best rushing defenses in the country. Maryland has been up and down, you just never know what team will show up. In Boston, I like the Eagles.

Nick: Maryland

Hooray for the ACC!  I don't want to waste any time thinking about this game -- I'd rather go see about some Thanksgiving leftovers.


Vanderbilt at Wake Forest

Jared: Wake Forest

Vandy has fallen apart, and Wake is still a decent team. At home, they should win it.

Nick: Wake Forest.

One of the rules that I live by is: Don't pick a team that lost to Duke in football.  That almost resulted in me following an AtQer in ignoring this game.  But, thankfully, WF pulled out a victory in OT.


Kentucky at Tennessee

Jared: Kentucky

Kentucky has played a lot of teams teams tough this season, and have a solid team. Tennessee, not so much. They have no offense, and very little defense. Go Rich Brooks!

Nick: Kentucy

Kentucky has had a total of seven games that have been decided by seven points are less.  Their record in those games is 3-4, but that includes losses to Georgia and Alabama.  Tennessee has just been awful this season, which was highlighted by a 13-7 loss to Wyoming a few weeks ago.