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Jersey Contest: Week 11 -- Blogger Picks

First, if you haven't already made your picks for this week, you can do so here. As always, the deadline is 11:59 pm PT tonight.

Alabama at LSU

Jared: Alabama

LSU has a very suspect defense. They have given up big points to both of the good teams they have faced, and gave up 21 to Auburn. I think that Alabama will be able to control the line of scrimmage and run the ball, while limiting LSU.

Nick: Alabama

This game features Saban's return to Death Valley as an opposing coach.   In two of the last three games, LSU surrendered 50+ points to both Florida and Georgia in defeats.  I think the Crimson Tide defense will be able to contain Scott and the Tide will roll to victory.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech

Jared: Texas Tech

Texas Tech gets the initial edge with this game being at home, and goes up against a good but not great defense. They should be able to put a lot of points on the board. Meanwhile, their D should be able to do enough to win the game. Both teams are much better than I had anticipated this season, and this should be a great matchup.

Nick:  Texas Tech

Tech is coming off The Biggest Win In School History, so this seems like a classic "letdown" game to me.  However, the Red Raiders boast two Heisman candidates on offense combined with playing at home  will prove too much for Oklahoma State.

Ohio State at Northwestern

Jared: Ohio State

Northwestern is just not a great football team. They haven't beaten or played anyone of consequence. Ohio State has more talent at just about every position, and will control the game throughout, though the score may still be fairly close in the end.

Nick:  Ohio State

Man, have I been right on OSU yet this season? I don't think so.  If I wasn't going to be out of town this weekend, I would have tried to get tickets to this game.  Since I can't seem to pick an OSU outcome correctly, I'll fip a coin.  Heads for OSU, tails for Northwestern...and heads it is.

Notre Dame at Boston College

Jared: Boston College

I just don't like this Notre Dame team. They have done nothing of substance this year. BC hasn't been too good either, but I still like them in this game more than Notre Dame.

Nick:  Notre Dame

BC has the best win against Virgina Tech (as uninspiring as that may be).  But, the BC offense is pretty inept, as they rank 92nd in total offense.  As dirty as this makes me feel, I'll take the Irish.

Georgia Tech at North Carolina

Jared: North Carolina

Georgia Tech is making strides this season, but North Carolina has more weapons, and is more balanced on offense. Also, I hate the ACC.

Nick: North Carolina

Both teams feature an offense that averages only about 350 yards per game.  However, UNC gets most of theirs through air while GT prefers a ground attack.  Georgia Tech might also be without their starting QB who was injured last week.  His replacement (freshman Jaybo Shaw) came in to fumble and throw a pick in relief last week against Florida State.  If Shaw starts, it'll be interesting to see if he can keep the ground attack as potent.