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The 12 Days of Duckmas: Day 11

In keeping with the Holiday Season, I would like to present a series called "The 12 Days of Duckmas", counting down 12 of the best moments from Oregon Duck Athletics in 2008. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list by any means and is certainly not in order of importance. If anything is left out, the 13th day will be for finishing up the leftovers, taking back the unwanted gifts and spending those giftcards.

Now remember to sing along now...

On the 11th day of Duckmas, the UO Athletic Department gave to me...

a huge new Autzen Stadium scoreboard!

Autzen Stadium received a bit of an update this year in the form of a 33x89 feet LED screen. Because of the bigger screen, the scoreboard is viewable by up to 80% of Autzen Stadium, an increase from 65% in the old 24x42 model. In addition, the old "roller boxes" in the end zones was replaced with LED screens, each measuring 5 feet high by 30.5 feet wide.