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Bowl Pick'em Challenge

A few people have expressed interest in participating in an ATQ Bowl Pick'em. I have decided to make things easier on myself by simply creating a group in ESPN's Bowl Mania game.

It appears that we are simply picking winners.  I have also set up the league to use a confidence scoring system, so you rank your picks according to how confident you are in them.  You simply rank the games from 1 to 34 (there are 34 bowls).  The rank is associated with the number of points you will win for a correct a pick.  So, if you rank Oregon beating Oklahoma State with 34 points, you earn 34 points when Oregon wins.

Important note: all entries must be made prior to the kickoff of the first game, which is Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 8:00 am PT.

The group name is Addicted To Quack and the password to join is goducks.

Let me know if anyone has any problems joining.