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Athletic Department Press Conference Recap

Well, it's been a wild afternoon around these parts. I've changed this thread from an open thread to a recap, so peruse the comments of those of us that listened to the press conference.

If you didn't hear it, there was a big conference call to announce the future succession of the football coaches at Oregon. Moseley sums up the whole conference here. Basically, Kelly is the coach in waiting. He's willing to wait at least a year to become the head coach, though there is no set timetable for when these changes will happen. Kilkenny will step down as AD and Bellotti will take that position while Kelly takes over the head coach, at an undetermined time in the future.

Really, this is a very good move. With the growth the offense saw over the past two years, Kelly was a hot commodity. He may not have gone anywhere this season, but he would have very soon. He's now a Duck, and should stay that way for quite some time.

I also like how stable this continues the Oregon program. We've had long term stability since the Brooks years, and this is incredibly important, and we have a great young offensive mind to continue the programs move forward.

I think that Bellotti will begin to transition out after next season, with the search for a new offensive coordinator, unless they look to promote from within. But then whoever will be the new OC will be on staff for at lesat a year. Thus, the coaching staff will have stability over that time, and the OC will be known before recruiting really starts.

Now, if all this doesn't happen within 2-3 years, there will be some antsy people. But hopefully that will not happen.