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The 12 Days of Duckmas: Day 3

In keeping with the Holiday Season, I would like to present a series called "The 12 Days of Duckmas", counting down 12 of the best moments from Oregon Duck Athletics in 2008. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list by any means and is certainly not in order of importance. If anything is left out, the 13th day will be for finishing up the leftovers, taking back the unwanted gifts and spending those giftcards.

Now remember to sing along now...

On the 3rd day of Duckmas, USA Track and Field gave to me...

the gateway to the 2008 Olympic Games

Although not directly Oregon Ducks related, 2008 proved, once again, that Eugene was Track Town USA when the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials rolled into Hayward Field. People often discuss the construction of Autzen, PK Park, and Matthew Knight Arena but Hayward Field shouldn't be overlooked in that list. In recent years, Hayward has had new stands put up, new graphics boards, and an entirely new entrance among other things. The organizers, volunteers and staff that put together the Olympic Trials were amazing. They not only created a wonderful environment for all the world to see, but made the event completely self-sustainable, powered entirely with alternative energy

Although I didn't attend any of the events, living in Eugene was something special during the 2 weeks the trials were around town. There was a tremendous amount of civic pride and good feelings to go along with all the special moments. I've never ever stood up and cheered at my TV while Track was on. The trials at Hayward changed that for me.