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The 12 Days of Duckmas: Day 1

In keeping with the Holiday Season, I would like to present a series called "The 12 Days of Duckmas", counting down 12 of the best moments from Oregon Duck Athletics in 2008. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list by any means and is certainly not in order of importance. If anything is left out, the 13th day will be for finishing up the leftovers, taking back the unwanted gifts and spending those giftcards.

Now remember to sing along now...

On the 1st day of Duckmas, Chip Kelly and crew gave to me...

a 65-38 win, 694 yards of total offense, a dashed Rose Bowl dream and a Holiday Bowl birth

I'm not sure there will be anyone in Duck Nation that will forget the 2008 Civil War football game. The hype surrounding this game was unbelievable. All Oregon State had to do was win the game and they were heading to their first Rose Bowl since 1965. Oregon came in wondering if the offense had finally arrived after getting by Arizona. The Ducks had a gameplan coming in and executed it to perfection. The "rebuilding year" had turned into 9-3 for the season. The calls for Mike Bellotti to be fired....all but silent.

All that was left to say was 65-38