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Poll: The Best of the 700

I know the Holiday Bowl is around the corner, but I wanted to squeeze this poll in before this historic moment passes. I would have posted it earlier in the week, but the inclement weather in Portland knocked the power out and turned me into a Luddite for four days.

After the Ducks squeaked by Portland in OT last Saturday to pick up the program's 700th win at McArthur Court, The Register-Guard's Bob Clark listed his most memorable Oregon victories at Mac Court.

I was very pleased to see Luke Jackson's incredible performance against Colorado in 2004's NIT on Bob's list. Luke's second-half hot streak might be the single-greatest half of basketball ever played by an Oregon player, and it's certainly the most amazing I've ever seen at any level.

The rest of Bob's choices are solid, although one of my personal favorites happened in 2002, when Freddy Jones played his final game in the Pit against UW. It wasn't really much of a game, as the Ducks went on to win 86-64, capping off an undefeated season at home before rolling into the Elite Eight a few weeks later. But Jones was electric. He posterized, like, three guys in the first 5 minutes, and I think one of them was Doug Wrenn.

I know we all have our favorites, but let's start with Bob's list. Which of the wins on Bob's list is most memorable? And if none of them suffice, make sure to list your most memorable in the comments.