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My Holiday Bowl "Preview"

Bowl games are an interesting thing. They really don't matter. I will forever think that almost all bowl games have almost no impact on the college football landscape. They are glorified exhibition games. There is little link between bowl game performance and future performance. They impact recruiting a small amount. On rare occasion, it is a springboard for a future season. But in the end, bowl games exist to make money, to milk us college football fans out of even more money, and if all goes well, to entertain the college football fans.

This is why I'm looking forward to the Holiday Bowl. It should be one of the most entertaining bowl games of the year. If Oregon loses, who cares? And if our team wins, then we'll enjoy a fun win.

We all know what needs to happen to secure the win. Our offense needs to play a mistake free game. The defense needs to pressure Zac Robinson and make some plays. It will be a simliar gameplan that we've seen all season, and will come down to execution.

So, enjoy the game. Enjoy watching Nick Reed terrorize opposing quarterbacks, and Jeremiah Johnson's stiffarm. Smile as you watch Patrick Chung blow someone up, or Max Unger open a gaping hole in the Cowboy defense. Mourn that we only had one full year of Terrence Scott. And enjoy watching the rest of the seniors in their final game.

On Tuesday night, I will have a great time, and simply hope to watch a great football game. Enjoy the fact that this game means nothing, and hope for a playoff while you watch it.