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Jersey Contest: Week 15 -- Blogger Picks

Alabama vs. Florida (Atlanta, GA)

Jared: Florida

Florida could be derailed by the absence of Percy Harvin, but I still think they have more playmakers. Florida has been impressive in its victories, while Alabama has not. I think this game will be close, as each team tries to impose it's style on the game.

Nick: Florida

Look for Florida to earn a berth in the BCS title game, as I believe they just have too much speed for Alabama to contain.  Also, after a relatively slow start, Tebow has exploded over the last seven games, averaging just under four TDs a game.   I'll go with a one-loss Florida team has looked a lot better than an undefeated 'Bama team.  .

Missouri vs. Oklahoma (Kansas City, MO)

Jared: Oklahoma

If Oklahoma doesn't win this game, I would be shocked. Missouri has a terrible defense, and Oklahoma has one of the most prolific offenses in the nation. Meanwhile, Chase Daniels has been less than impressive this year. Oklahoma wins this in a rout.

Nick: Oklahoma

The Sooners are just stacked. The stats they have racked up are something you'd expect to see in a video game: Bradford has a 46:6 TD:Int ratio and 4,000 yards and their two RBs have combined for 1,990 yards and 31 TDs with both averaging at least 5.6 ypc. While Missouri has also looked very impressive on offense this season, their pass defense allowed Colt McCoy to go 29-32 for 337 yards.   While clearly not the threat with his legs that McCoy is, if that defense doesn't tighten up, Bradford should have very little trouble picking them apart.

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech (Tampa, FL)

Jared: Boston College

This is a battle of two teams that have overcome a large amount of losses, and won their divisions. And yet, I couldn't care less, with the best team in the ACC (Georgia Tech) being absent. While both defenses are good, BC has actually shown life on offense, and I think they pull it out.

Nick: Boston College

Bah.  I can't get very excited to see two offensively impotent teams square off.  The line right now is a pick'em.  When these two teams met earlier, BC QB Chris Crane threw three picks (two of which were returned for TDs) and fumbled, yet BC still won by five. That's enough for me.


East Carolina at Tulsa

Jared: Tulsa

East Carolina has struggled after a quick start had them at the forefront of college football. A loss to NC State killed that. Tulsa has a spectacular offense, and not much defense. I think they manage to get enough points on the board to take the Conference USA title.

Nick: Tulsa

While ECU had a couple of top-25 upsets to start the year, the closest they have come to playing a team with the offensive firepower of Tulsa was in a loss to Houston (who, coincidentally, also blew out Tulsa).  Tulsa currently ranks 6th nationally in passing yards per game, seventh in rushing yards per game (good for 2nd nationally in total yards per game) and second in scoring.


Arizona State at Arizona

Jared: Arizona

Mike Stoops, I have picked you too many times this season. And I will do so one more. ASU is a very bad football team. They couldn't even get an offensive touchdown against UCLA. I think that Arizona will shut them down, and will be motivated. Mike Stoops manages to lose close football games, but I don't think this one will stay close.

Nick:  Arizona

When I first picked this game, I thought I'd pick ASU.  But, picking ASU because I think Stoops is a dick is probably the sort of reasoning that has led me to do so abysmally this year in the pick contest.  This game is at Arizona -- combine that with the fact that ASU is just terrible and not even the chance of becoming bowl eligible will be enough to save the Sun Devils.