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Open Thread: Final Regular Season Weekend

The college football bowl landscape will take shape today as several key matchups will decide bowl positioning for a number of conferences. The Pac-10 could be turned upside down if UCLA happens to beat USC. Here are some key games

1 Alabama vs 4 Florida

The winner of this game is primed to go to the National Championship Game. I know the pundits are picking Florida (and even our own Jared and Nick have jumped on the Tebow Train) but there is something about Alabama's defense that is really impressive to me and Saban is an amazing coach. I think the Crimson Tide have a lot up their sleeve.


I know, I know. Should be a blowout right? UCLA has had a really tough year and Kevin Craft is quarterbacking in his first year as a JC transfer. Sometimes this can work out well but not for the Bruins this year. Losing 2 quarterbacks before the season even starts sounds strangely....Duckish? Looks like when Bellotti was flirting with the job, he must have transfered over the injury bug to Slick Rick. Awkward. Can UCLA win this game? They are 27 point underdogs. Oregon State was a 25 point underdog earlier this year. The unfortunate thing....UCLA is no Oregon State

20 Missouri vs 2 Oklahoma

Potentially for a trip to the National Championship for Oklahoma, Missouri needs this game to get into the BCS. If Missouri wins this game, they get the automatic Big-12 birth, some revenge on Oklahoma and the Sooners get knocked down to the Holiday Bowl, where they get a matchup with Oregon. I only have one request for an Oklahoma-Oregon matchup....let's kick an onside kick on the opening play of the game...just to mess with them.

Arizona State vs Arizona

You know the Sun Devils want this game. They've had a down year compared to where they were last year and getting to a bowl game would really help mitigate the pain and suffering they are feeling in the desert. Even though it appears that Mike Stoops' job is safe, losing this game will mark a slight disappointment on the season and send Tuitama off with no victories against the Sun Devils. This is also a huge game for recruiting as it could turn the tide in either schools' direction, especially in-state. I said a few weeks ago that I thought the Sun Devils could get to a bowl and I still think they can. Nick and Jared picked Arizona in the jersey pool. I think the Sun Devils can pull the upset. Keep in mind...there may be a reason I'm so low in the jersey poll. Just sayin'.

Washington vs California

Cal appears to be locked up to go to the Emerald Bowl this year barring a USC debocle. Washington is looking at an 0-12 season. With Jahvid Best looking to seal up the rushing title in the Pac-10 this year (needs about 170 yards), the Huskies should get a heavy dose of the run. The season for Washington was done about 8 weeks ago and I don't see this getting any better for them. Let the Steve Sarkisian era begin!

Navy vs Army

This game is tradition, not BCS related and involves the Commander's Cup. Watch this game out of pride and because its cool. Even my girlfriend is most likely going to be watching this game and she isn't even a huge football fan (but it might be because I will be watching this game if I can get her to actually let me watch TV and not do housework). She also wanted to pass along a "Go Black Knights!" and in Monty Python voice..."The Black Knights will always triumph! Have at you!". I don't know what she did when she was stationed in Korea but that was just weird.

Other Interesting Games

17 BC vs 25 Virginia Tech

South Florida vs West Virginia

13 Cincinnati vs Hawaii