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Pac-10 Roundtable: RVM Stole My Pants Edition

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So I woke up this morning, struggling to find my way to my alarm clock as it was beeping non-stop. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, did all the things I normally do. There was just one pants were missing. I looked high and low but alas, I couldn't find them. I put on my khakis and left for the day. I get home later that day and low and behold, a note from RVM from BtD fame. Thanks for letting me borrow your pants. The chicks loved them! Your pal - RVM. No problem RVM. Glad I could help....

Now on to the roundtable for this week!

1. Now that the regular season is over, who in the mainstream press wrote the stupidest article about your team? And, for a little bit of a challenge, who wrote the smartest article / nugget of insight about your team?

Ah my personal favorite Oregonian employee, John Canzano, calling for Mike Bellotti's head

I know The Oregonian's Ken Goe thinks moving on from a stagnant coach is a dumb idea. But Goe's attitude about clinging to what you know because you're afraid of the unknown is reflective of a small-town mentality. If you're OK with playing in the Vegas Bowl, and dreaming of El Paso once every five years, then stick to what you know, and let your fears serve as the compass. Bellotti did a nice job in raising the profile, but those swoons are too much. The Ducks have tapped out what they'll do under him. Nobody should "chase out" Bellotti, but it's not lost here that change would be good.

Or this article by John... 

There's no "told you so" here. Just the realization that many of you realize the program might have outgrown the man who helped create some of the expectations. The point in college football, or with any team, is to improve. And it's become clear to many that the Ducks aren't just stagnant, but slipping back to the pack.

As far as the smartest article, I'll have to point to George Schroeder's take on Nick Aliotti. 

We track offenses by yards, and first downs, and most of all, points, and it’s a positive accounting method. Go three-and-out three times, but score a touchdown the next two times? Nice half. Meanwhile, defense is about avoiding negatives. The best you can do is zero — points, yards, first downs, third-down conversions, whatever. Hold ’em three-and-out three times, then give up two TDs? Fire the coordinator. The job is set up for failure.


2.  You can have either Jacquizz Rodgers or Jahvid Best for one year. Which one do you want on your team?


As much as I like Jacquizz and fear his game over the next 3 years, I think I would take Jahvid Best. Both players have pretty equal stats in most categories. Best is more of a "big play" guy where Quizz is a 3-4 yards every play style back. For me, it comes down to options on offense and I think Best gives you the most opportunities on later downs. Best averages 7.6 yards on 1st down and 9.91 yards on second down. He picked up the 1st down on 63% of his chances at 3 yards or less. Quizz averages 4.97 and 4.89 yards per attempt on 1st and second downs respectively and averages 60% on his chances on 3rd down with 3 yards or less.

Outside of all the statistics, I like Best's breakaway speed and big play nature. Quizz seems to get caught a little easier in the second level. Ask me this question in 2 years though and my answer may change.



3.  Though the Pac-10 missed out on two BCS teams, the bright side is that there are a lot of good bowl matchups. Which are you looking forward to the most?

The Holiday Bowl, without question, will be the game to watch for fans of teams in the Pac-10. This game will determine how the country ultimately views the Pac-10 this year. Of course, the other marquee games in the conference are important but for different reasons. USC and Oregon State will both be favored in their games and expected to win. Oregon, by contrast, will most likely be the underdog against the media darling Big-12 team Oklahoma State, a very similar team to the Ducks. If Oregon wins this game, it redeems the Pac-10 in the eyes of many across the nation. Combined with wins by USC and Oregon State, it could help ease the pain of the early out-of-conference losses.


4.  BigXII/Pac10 Hardwood Challenge.  Great Hardwood Challenge or the Greatest Hardwood Challenge?

Hard to say that it is the "greatest" hardwood challenge considering all of the talent in teams outside the two conferences but it has proven to be a great showcase of the Big-12 and Pac-10. With 2 games to go, the best the Pac-10 can hope for is a tie at 6-6. Teams seem fairly matched and it will be interesting to see how the remaining games go. Oregon beating Kansas State was a huge win for a young team. 


5. Word association!  What's the first word that pops into mind when you think of your team's bowl destination?  Discuss!


That was the word that most Duck fans batted around at the beginning of the year. We didn't know how the team was going to end up and most folks were hoping for an 8-4 season. 9-3, a great Civil War win and a Holiday Bowl berth? Exceeded all expectations. With that, I give you the top 10 reasons why San Diego is awesome.


10. Averages 66 degrees in December

9. Who didn't have a crush on Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years

8. Igor Olshansky

7. They have a nice zoo

6. You can also swim with the dolphins

5. "You boys like Mexico?!"

4. T'Pol is from there. You know, the Vulcan from Enterprise

3. Lucha Libre is alive and well

2. They won't teach you "Ropert is God!" because Hypnotism is banned by public schools in San Diego

1. Dan Fouts, enough said