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Bellamy on Kilkenny

Bill Bellamy has a good piece on Kilkenny's first year in today's R-G.  It includes the recent news that the $100 million Knight gift has an expiration date of June 1 if state-backed bonds are not secured for the arena project. Needless to say, this would be disastrous if the gift were allowed to expire. It also includes  President Frohnmeyer saying he hopes that Kilkenny stays on indefinitely.  And, Kilkenny himself says he'll stay on (though he speaks on the order of months) to ensure that the leadership is in place after he leaves (and he mentions how comfortable he'd be if Bellotti was his successor). The major area of improvement seems to be in his relationship with the academic side of the University. This seems to be a historical area of improvement for the AD. Though, I am sure his soon-to-be announced (and first) academic gift will help. The article also mentions that Kilkenny will announce a seven figure gift towards the construction of a baseball stadium. This has long been rumored, but no doubt will go a long way in helping with the projected $15 million project.