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An Early Look at the Offensive Depth Chart

I can't really talk to much about the Cal game, as I didn't actually see it (I was at the LMU/UP game.  Don't ask).  It appears that we just got ridiculously hot.  All I care about is that we finally won a game in the Bay Area, which we haven't done in a long, long time.  We've still got to find ourselves six wins to get on the bubble.  It'll be a tough go.  I hold out some hope that we can do it.  For all the faults of this team, if they get on a ridiculously hot shooting stretch, they can beat anybody.  Needless to say, this would be a really good time for it.

Next time this year, we can be talking baseball!  For now, I want talk recruiting.  We all know it was a pretty damn good class.  In addition to getting two (and maybe a third) bad ass spread QBs, we also solidified our depth at the key positions of running back, linebacker, offensive line, and secondary.  I've updated the sidebar, and you can see that there are just a ton of four star commitments in this class.

Anyway, here is an early look at the '08 offensive depth chart, taking recruits into account.  I've made some predictions about who I think will win jobs, so take it with a grain of salt.  QB will be a very intense battle.  Starters are in bold, I hope to do defense tomorrow.  I've gone three deep:

Darron Thomas (FR)
Nathan Costa (SO)
Justin Roper (SO)

Running back:
Jeremiah Johnson (SR)
Andre Crenshaw (JR)
LaGarrette Blount (JR)

Wide Receiver:
Jaison Williams(SR)
Drew Davis(SO)
Jeffrey Maehl(SO)
Derrick Jones(JR)
Aaron Pflugrad(SO)
Jamere Holland(SO)

Tight End:
Ed Dickson
Dion Jordan(FR)
Mychal Rivera(FR)

Offensive Line:
Max Unger(SR)
Jeff Kendall(SR)
Mark Lewis(SR)
Jordan Holmes(SO)
Jon Teague(SR)
Nick Cody(FR)
Hamani Stevens(FR)
Mark Asper(SO)
Darion Weems(SO)

That's a lot of firepower.  The big question is at QB, though whoever wins that job (and it will be Thomas or Costa, and Thomas has the big lead because he's healthy) will get a lot of help with our plethora of stud running backs.  I was worried about wideouts, but then I looked and realized that we are still loaded.  It will all depend on if they can stay healthy, J-Will can catch, and Jones can stay out of trouble.  We lose a lot on the line, but have some solid replacements coming in.

The offense won't be 2007 great, but it will be very solid.  Its gonna be a fun year.

200 days until kickoff.