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Pit Crew: Let Appleby Be

With the Ducks playing the Huskies tonight, I fully expect the Pit Crew to be all over Ryan Appleby.  It won't be as bad as Kevin Love--but it will be bad.  And its a shame.  The Pit Crew should leave Appleby alone.

Last year, I, like many Duck fans, was critical of Appleby for not having the ability to forgive an incident which happened a year previous.  This year, I make the same plea to Duck fans:  it was a year ago, please move on.

If it was an incident earlier this season, then it would be fair game.  But for the Pit Crew to chastize Appleby again this year would make them guilty of the very thing that they are admonishing.  I love the Pit Crew, and think they add a lot to Oregon basketball.  Just please stay classy on this one, guys.