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Recruiting Roundup

Well, its Super Tuesday (so get out there and vote if you can), and tomorrow is Signing Day, so lets take a quick look at where the Ducks are at.

Here's  where the Ducks stand currently.  A pretty darn good class.  I really love the QB depth that we will have for some time, which we all know is vital.  We have some good commits along the line, which is always a great thing.  I'm especially excited about Nick Cody, who was one of our first commits.  He has bled green and yellow all year, and the Trib had a great article on him today.

As far as further commits, we are still in the running for Tommy Streeter (from Rickert), which would be huge with the lack of depth we have at the WR position.  Rickert also did this good recap a few days ago that sums up the other plays that the Ducks could possibly land. Also, from ESPN, a run down of the top plays still uncommitted. Oregon is in the running for some QB, Streeter, and Aaron Boyd, who would be huge boon to WR depth as well.

There's also that one guy from Jeanette, PA...  Have you heard of him?  Apparently, no one knows what's going on.  Check out the top diary for the latest.  Oh, and here's a good timeline from ESPN if you want to relive the whole saga.

Either way, this could be a very good class, or an amazing class, so we should have a pretty interesting next couple days when high school kids sign on the dotted line.  If you hear anything else, post it in the comments.

Update [2008-2-5 13:8:51 by jtlight]: Apparently, Pryor is in fact going to be signing tomorrow, and thus, not with Oregon. But the same article notes that Boyd will be announcing tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST and his choices are down to Oregon and Kentucky, and Streeter's announcement could come at any time, though Miami is in the lead. Also, Oregon is still in the mix with Enrique Davis, though he has no set time to announce, and recently visited Tennessee. Rickert (from an earlier link) seems to think he's a 50/50 chance.