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Recruiting aftermath

Well, after a busy signing day, there's a bunch of recruiting news out there.  Here's a quick look around at what is being said out there in cyberspace.

First, the North County Times has a piece up on Hamani Stevens.  His parents wanted him to play close to home at UCLA, but he chose Oregon.  In Bellotti's press conference yesterday, he mentioned that Stevens played on both the offensive and defensive lines, and that they would have recruited him as DL if they didn't like him so much at center.  Bellotti also mentioned that he would most likely contribute immediately.

And, as rumored yesterday the Ducks officially got their 21st commit with Ellis Krout signing his LOI.  Moseley notes that it seems clear that Krout was a backup plan in the event that Boyd and Streeter did not choose Oregon.  I believe I saw yesterday that Krout will have three years of eligibility left.  

ESPN ranks the Duck class as B-, with only USC (A), UCLA(B+), and ASU(B) earning higher grades.  Their commentary is pretty brief and shallow, including a comment that imply Barner was recruited as a RB, when it seems like the Oregon coaches like him as DB/return man.  The lowest grade in the Pac-10?  The Beavers with a D+.  However, the Beavers never seem to pull in highly regarded classes and seem to do just fine.

The R-G notes that there was more movement yesterday morning than there had been in recent years, noting in particular Jamaar Jarret's defection to ASU.  The Duck's class ranks 19th and 24th nationally by and, respectively.  

The Oregonian chimes in by tabbing Chris Harper as the biggest name and LeGarrette Blount as making an immediate impact.  Bellotti compared Blount  to Droughns.

The Statesman journal has a writeup of signing day that doesn't have a lot of new information.  However, they do mention that Blount, Ferras, Boyett, York, Harper, and Thomas are all expected to participate in spring drills.      Getting 6 new recruits on campus in time for spring drills seems pretty impressive.