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Shifting Focus

I'll sum up my thoughts on the recruiting class tomorrow, but I want to shift focus back to hoops.  After the snoozefest that was the Civil War, the hoops team in back in action today at Stanford.

Yes, at Stanford.  Where we haven't won since 1986 (that's 22 years now).  Mix that with the fact that we're not playing well, and Stanford has revenge on their minds, and I'm not feeling too good.

The game plan will be the same one that was successful last game:  Lopez is going to get his, but front and deny and try and limit his touches the best you can.  Meanwhile, don't let their guards get off.  If you can shut down the perimeter players and put all the pressure on Lopez, you got a shot.  We also have to hit fire from the field, though.  That's going to be harder at Maples than it was at Mac, so it going to be a tough, tough game.

Surprisingly, ESPN still has us on the bubble for the NCAA tourney, which is surprising to me, but shows the staying power of the wins at KSU and Arizona, and the home Stanford win.  But it isn't an easy go from here.  We're sitting on 13 wins, and need 20 for a legitimate shot.  That's a 6-3 finish, and a win in the first round of the conference tourney.  If we get swept this weekend in the bay, which we seem to do every year, then our chances are pretty much shot with a trip to LA still looming.  At least a split here is imperative, and a sweep would be huge.

Its been a weird season.  Hopefully, we can put together a good stretch run.  It would be a shame if Malik, Maarty, and Bryce ended their careers in the NIT.



PS, How much could we use Champ Oguchi right now?