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I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody

I'm hating this week.  The anticipation for the WSU game is just excruciating.  Its very likely win and in, or lose and out.  We may have had a chance with a loss before the upsets of South Alabama and Gonzaga, but those chances are gone.  And, even a win is no guarantee, especially if Arizona State wins against USC.  So I'm keeping my eye on the other bubble teams, because we can't afford for any other bubble teams to go on extended conference tournament runs (or for mid-majors to be upset in the conference tourneys).  We got some good news this morning, as Syracuse was blown out by Villanova, in a game that should pop the Orange's bubble.  However, Dayton was able to avoid the upset to St. Louis, winning in OT, keeping the Flyers' dreams alive.  That said, I'm not sure you can take an 8-8 A-10 team over a 9-9 Pac-10 team.  But a Dayton loss still would've been nice.  West Virginia and Providence are tied at the half.  WVU is likely in either way, but root for the Friars, and a Providence win would at least give the committee a tough decision.  The only other game with real potential to help us would be if the Beavers beat Arizona--don't hold your breath waiting for that one.

It gets really interesting tomorrow.  Obviously, the Ducks need to take care of business or things won't look very good.  Also root for USC to beat Arizona State, Utah to take out New Mexico, and Georgetown to obliterate Villanova.  Those results would be the most helpful.

In the meantime, to get you through your college basketball fix tonight, check out ESPN2 at 6:00 PT.  The Portland State Vikings will be going for the Big Sky championship and an automatic berth against Northern Arizona.  I like seeing one of the other state schools going well, and, if PSU gets their first ever tourney bid, they will make a great Cinderella for us to root for in the tournament.  I'll definitely be checking them out tonight.

For tonight, Go Vikings and Go Beavers!

And, tomorrow, GO DUCKS!!!