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Well, Crap

Can somebody explain to me why we didn't show up until halftime of our biggest game of the year?

The good news is that we made it respectable enough to still have a shot at this thing--but its going to come down to the last couple of bids.  Obviously, I want us to get in, but I can't make a good case that we really deserve it.  But we were helped by teams like Villanova, Arizona State, Dayton, Baylor, etc.  Root like hell for no more upsets, and for Arizona to absolutely get pummeled by Stanford.

If today ends with ASU, Oregon, and UA all losing, you can't just send four from the Pac-10, and Oregon seems to have the best profile (especially if Arizona gets drilled).

But we're sweatin' it until Sunday.  And, if our bubble bursts, we really have nobody but ourselves to blame.  We should've never been in this position.

Do some good deeds the next couple of days, we need the karma.