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A 9 Seed????? How'd We Pull That One Off?

#9 Seed in the South regional.  That's absolutely amazing to me.  For all the thought that we might get left out, it obviously wasn't even close.

We get Mississippi State in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  I don't know a lot about the Bulldogs, but that seems like a winnable game to me.  Can't say the same for Memphis in the second round, but to be in with a legit shot to even make the second round is pretty amazing to me.

So take Friday off, because the Ducks are dancing after all.  Now, we've just got to find a way to start playing well.  Hopefully, they'll feel rejuvinated by their newfound second life.

I'll have my thoughts up on the rest of the bracket tonight, but the three days of being nervous is at an end.  For all the ups and downs of the season, we're at the same spot as 64 other teams.

So start filling out your brackets.  The madness is always so much more fun when the Ducks are in.