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March Madness Open Thread: Day One Morning Session

The opening Thursday-Friday of March Madness are the best two sporting days of the year.  Join me here to talk about all the action (especially if you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls at work).  Here's what's on tap for the morning tip:

9:20 PT

14 Georgia vs. 3 Xavier

9:30 PT

16 Portland State vs. 1 Kansas
12 Temple vs. 5 Michigan State

11:30 PT

11 Kentucky vs. 6 Marquette

11:50 PT

11 Baylor vs. 6 Purdue
9 Kent State vs. 8 UNLV

12:00 PT

13 Oral Roberts vs. 4 Pittsburgh

2:00 PT

14 Cornell vs. 3 Stanford

I'll put up another thread for the late games.  Please join me here to talk about the action.