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Friday Morning Links

Not a whole lot out there this morning.  But, if anyone finds any other news, feel free to post links in this thread.

First off, in Moseley's latest blog entry, he takes a stab at listing the depth chart for spring drills.  For QBs, Moseley has Costa listed as #1 for non-contact drills -- which is what Bellotti claimed might happen a week ago.  A nice fix for those of you who are ready for spring drills to start.

Clark blogs about the possibility of Kent becoming the dean of the Pac-10 if Lute fails to return to Arizona.  He also includes a comparison of Braun, Kent, and Romar, claiming that those two might be good measuring sticks for Kent.  

Jason Vondersmith discusses the QB situation.  Of note, Chris Harper should arrive at Oregon today.  And, unlike most of us who have been eagerly debating  who should start next season, Chip Kelly is publicly deemphasizing the competition:

"I'm not concerned with who our quarterback is going to be against Washington on Aug. 30," says Kelly, of UO's season-opening game. "It's a work in progress, it's not a quarterback controversy. Instead of competing against each other, they should be competing against themselves."