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Morning Oatmeal: Take Me Out To The Ballgame Edition

Not a whole lot of news today, but lets run it down:

  •  John Hunt of the Oregonian had a little chat with Bellotti about spring practice, which starts April 1.  There are two big tidbits here in my mind.  The first is the recruits that are enrolled and on campus for spring ball:  Darron Thomas, Chris Harper, Blake Farris, John Boyett, Carson York, and JUCO transfer LaGarrette Blount. The disappointing news is that Blount needs to shed some pounds to be a factor next season.
  •  The Medford Mail Tribune is skeptical of Kilkenny's claim that baseball can be a moneymaker at UO.  The main evidence it cites is that no current baseball program in the NCAA makes money, and OSU lost $800,000 last year.  My opinion:  baseball isn't making money next year.  Or the year after.  But college baseball is on the verge of becoming big.  I believe that within ten years, there will be enough TV money to combine with attendance and other revenue streams (naming rights, Ems rent) to make UO baseball at the very least self sufficient.  It will never be the money maker that football and basketball are, but I can see it breaking even or turning a modest profit.
  •  Speaking of baseball, here's something I missed earlier.  Here is a press conference that the UO held a few months back.  Most of this is stuff we already know:  the stadium will be built at Autzen, shared with the Ems, etc.  But I think the most interesting part is at the end when Coach Horton answers questions about the field itself.  It will be artificial turf.  The traditionalist in my doesn't like that, but given the March/April weather here, there is no other realistic option.  Also, it is likely to be a pitcher's park (going with Coach Horton's philosophies):  330 down the lines, 380 to the power alleys, 410 to straight away center.  To give you an idea, that's about ten feet longer than Civic Stadium.

Pac-10 News:

We now know that OSU still isn't serious about fielding a competitive basketball program. The Oregonian reports that OSU offered St. Mary's coach Randy Bennett a paltry $525,000 to come to Corvallis. Not surprisingly, Bennett told them to get lost if they couldn't make a serious offer. Another 0-18 year in Corvallis? Its not out of the range of possibility.