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Morning Oatmeal: I'm Glad I'm Not a Cougar Edition

News of the day:

  • Articles in both the Register-Guard and the Oregonian about the six-deep quarterback practice order.  The order is Costa, Roper, Kempt, Cooper, Thomas, and Harper.  Bellotti makes it clear that this is just a practice order, and that the job won't be decided until the fall.

Pac-10 News:

  • Looks like the OSU QB job is Lyle Moevao's to lose, as Sean Canfield will be out for the spring.  The Beavs also have big holes to fill at RB and on defense.
  • The big question in Cougarland is whether Tony Bennett will stay or go.  Rumors are that the Indiana and Cal jobs are both his if they want them.  Personally, I hope he stays, as very few coaches have the ability to make Wazzu a decent team.  But, the reality is, that with the losses of Weaver and Low, and the inherent disadvantages of getting decent recruits and decent games to Pullman, you could hardly blame him if he left.  I've always felt a little sorry for WSU.  Their remote location has always made things a little tougher for them.
  • Finally, UCLA is Final Four bound.  I even have them winning the whole damn thing in my bracket.  But, even though they are the only Pac-10 team left, I can't help but want them to lose.  Am I being unreasonable here?